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sexy vid...
hot song/lyrics.....

junsu is just pure sex in this vid!!!!!!!!

vid cred: as tagged
trans: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
uploader: JunsuLanie

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05 May 2010 @ 12:27 am

mian..i dun know how to do the LJ cut thing =(
yes!these are old...
just want to post it here in case someone wants to read these random funny stuff bout our junsu again!~~

Junsu, his mom, and Junho (his brother)

A long time ago, Junsu and Junho(Junsu's brother) had done something wrong, and was punished by their mother with a long stick.
Whenever they did something wrong, they would get hit 5 times each, but Junho would always get hit first.
Once it got to Junsu's turn,..

Junho: Mother, I'll get punished for Junsu instead. If Junsu gets hit, he'll get hurt.

Junsu's mother was so proud of Junho that she began yelling at Junsu.

Junsu's mother: What are you gonna do about it Junsu? Are you going to let your brother get hit for you??!

Junsu: Yes


 Junsu, fan + big head

-During Fan meeting-
Junsu:(in a extra cute way) Will you please tell me your name?
Fan: Can I tell you my nickname?!
Junsu: O-of course~
Fan: 'Big head Junsu'~
Junsu: (shocked) HAHAHAHAHAH;;;
Fan: (copies junsu's laughter)

:JS. Is my head really that big?::


Junsu, Junsu's fan and another fan + small head

 One fan came up to Junsu and they actually laughed and smiled as he gave the fan a sign.
Junsu was very famous for getting alot of beautiful fans, but that one fan,
that one fan who was talking with Junsu as if he was her friend,
didn't seem as pretty.
As Junsu finished, he petted her head, and she left towards the sea of fans.

another fan: Junsu must really like you...What's up?
Fan: I told him his head was really small up close.



Fan: oppa told me if I studied hard then I can come, is that real?
Junsu: if you come you have to work in the farm~ I want to live a life as a farmer!~

Same fan: if I work in the farm, I think I can give oppa a good life!
Junsu: no you can't,  I have promised Yoochun that he would be the next one working in the farm, hehe [wahh YOOSU]

Same fan: I can't win Yoochun, oppa please give me Changmin!
Junsu: not CM, no one can handle Changmin! [XD]

Fan: Anticipating today's performance~
Junsu: Only anticipating today's performance~ (*_*)

Fan: Aiya!! Don't say Junsu-kun!! I got received Junsu-kun's UFO!!
Junsu: Thank you~T_T~ help me beat up ChangMin this brat---- hahahaha

Fan: It's said that Cassiopeia is Dong Bang, then Dong Bang is?
Junsu: Of course it's Cassiopeia.. ^^

Fan: How to get such big thighs ahh T_T please tell me the secrets huhu
Junsu: So embarrassing:: T_T It's thicker now compare to that time keke

Fan: Junsu oppa. . . Confirm will reply right?. .
Junsu: Though not looking forward to it but gave you this feeling of getting a reply kekeke^^

Fan: Compare to food I like TVXQ better
Junsu: Then starting now you can't eat ^^

Fan: Our Junsu is too cute! Because of what you're that cute ah?
Junsu: Because of you hehe^^

Fan: Yunho oppa and Junsu oppa, who is in charge of charisma~??? Eu kyang kyang
Junsu: I am the invisible inner charisma ............

Fan: I really miss JaeJoong ah T_T 555555 How to deal with missing him? Teach me please
Junsu: Go to NAVER and type YoungWoong JaeJoong............... ^^

Fan: Oppa, after eating so many messages must be full right?!
Junsu: Happy till my stomach's gonna explode soon^^

Fan: there is 24 days to go for my exam, then I wont have any time for computers. Tell me “do well in the exam” and I will immediately log off the computer.
Junsu: do well in the exam.

Fan: junsu oppa, what am I supposed to do when you are going to reply me?.. so nervous..
Junsu: please keep supporting us….

Fan: I am sleepy to death…
Junsu: if you are sleepy the go to bed, it is late now, why aren’t you sleeping? Sleep well…

Fan: hello… sweet dreams.
Junsu: then you please have a sweet dream too..

Fan: what should I write in the 1st message? What should I say? If I say I love you, that is a little embossing. How about… I am so happy that you are there.
Junsu: if its because of us that you have happiness.. then please be happy all the time.

Fan: junsu ah where is the end? Receiving the mass message was so great, but I accidently deleted them all TT, ah so sad TT
Junsu: already received ^^ it was truthfully sent out from the bottom of my heart ^^

Fan: oh lord, my oppa are working so hard, please let them stay healthy, praying under the name of Jesus
Junsu: Amen

Fan: haha, I miss Junsu’s oppa’s laugh
Junsu: erhahahahaaa

Fan: Junsu oppa is too cute; you are even cuter than me, a girl! Please be healthy!
Junsu: I’m not that cute, only a little… thank you

Fan:I think Junsu oppa is the funniest in the world. Cutie baby oppa~~♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Junsu: Cutie fan~~

Fan: I'm sending this to the world's most splendid person. The world's most splendid person!! How about a reply with your splendid fingers!?
Junsu: You're talking to me right??

Fan: Please send me an oyaji gag♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥I love you♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Junsu: Kimi mo suki~♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Fan: Oppas... Please reply... I'll be happy with a single dot...
Junsu: Ue kyang kyang kyang kyang!! ^^

Fan: If you reply me now, I’ll wear a bikini to your next concert. For real.
Junsu: Really? See you then ^^ {PERVERT!!!}..wahaha...junsu<3

Fan: Yunho oppa!!!!!
Junsu: Uhm...I'm Junsu....
Fan: Oppa Oppa! I'm a real big fan of Yunho~~
Junsu: I-i'm...Juns-
Fan: I really like Junsu Oppa too! But I like Yunho oppa better T^T
Junsu: I'M XIAH JUNSU!!!!!!

Fan: If you don't reply this time your voice will crack today!^^
Junsu: If my voice cracks I'm going to think of you (blame) first
Jaejoong: (My) voice is (probably) going to crack
Yunho: Memories of the f-concert comes up..
Changmin: Do you want to die?^^ [XD]

 all the credit goes to the translators ^^

wahaha...their/his replies never fails to crack me up

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03 May 2010 @ 02:56 pm

 i had to cut this part coz my unnie (asma dong) made me remember this...^^
(coz its kinda related to junsu's intoxication - tell me what u want, tell me do u want me...~)

yoochun teased junsu about his english...
"hey u want me i want you + his "tomorrow" = frozen

vid credit: as tagged
uploader: JunsuLanie
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01 May 2010 @ 04:03 pm

ow junsu's killing me with his hotness..
those yummy and tanned arms...teehee.....*dead*

credit: as tagged + syc
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which coupling do you like the most? ...
me love all junsu couples~~

Happy 5th Anniversary TOHOSHINKI~!!
Always Keep The Faith!!!!!!

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19 April 2010 @ 12:32 am

the boys message to Cassiopeia during their 2008 korean comeback
i teared up a lil, even though i've read this eons ago..tsktsk...im sucha sap..

i didn't realise how much i missed DBSK until i saw this again.
people should stop blaming jaechunsu or homin for this and that.
lets just hope and pray that the boys will say these words again in the future

and hope these words will comfort you girls somehow.....
lets just support them all and wait for their comeback neh~!

always keep the faith~!

"We dont know how were going to REPLAY the love youve given us"
Lol..sorry i didnt notice this lil mistake until i finished making this simple vid..tsktsk...
im too tired to edit:-/
so forgive me neh...

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compilation of junsu's duets ^^

koda kumi
jang ri in
sun yue
seon-a (mozart's wife)
nov.2008 star king contestant
junsu's cousin
zuno (kim junho)

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16 April 2010 @ 09:08 am

u surely will have a good laugh with this vid~~~~

these moments are so soo precious to me...esp at times like these
always keep the faith!!!!!!



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15 April 2010 @ 12:43 am

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im so emo these days thats why i made this uber simple vid..
i dont know whats got into me eh.. .:-/

"ONE" is the very first ballad i heard from the boys....
one of the best ballads ever..XDXD

i fell in love with this song the minute i heard it.....

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